C-Quester 3 (3-persons 100m)

C-Quester 3 submersible

Key Features

  • Most robust and economic 3-person sub in the industry
  • 100 meter operating depth
  • 8 hours endurance
  • Standard air conditioning system
  • Most spacious private sub available

100 meter: € on request

Delivery time
On request

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Technical specifications CQ3
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C-Quester 3 tourist submersible on airplane     Reliable & Versatile
The C-Quester 3 is the best choice for anyone looking for a robust, spacious and easy to handle submersible. Specially designed for exploring the underwater world in the luxury of a one-atmosphere pressure hull with air conditioning, the C-Quester 3 sets the standard for private, professional and high-end commercial underwater operations.
Highest standards
The C-Quester 3 is built according to the highest standards and offers a significant passenger payload, comfort, air conditioning, easy and safe embarkation and a splendid view into the depths of the sea for its passengers. The clamshell design of the pressure vessel also allows elegant entry and exit to and from the submersible. This versatile sub provides a lot of room for your desired accessories, e.g. HD camera systems and even manipulator arms.
Interior C-Quester 3 personal submersible  

High-end tourist destinations can now be enriched with the offer of ultimate lavishness. At places where diving is a no-brainer the C-Quester 3 presents a solid business case for the development of a charter business. The C-Quester 3 is also the choice for super- and explorer-yacht owners, private users and researchers who want to keep their hands free to do their business.